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Here are some files you can download for use on your home computer. If you know of any more, please let me know and I'll post them here.

Husbandry Software

Hatch Calc & Husbandry Database - Victor Loehr

Hungry Herps - Free CD available on their site

Snake Tracker V2.0 - Thulsa Doom


Care Guides

Leopard Gecko Care Eguide - Captive Herp

Fat-Tailed Gecko Care Guide - Hidebox Herps

Audio/Video Files

Hatchling Leopard Gecko Scream - Herpcam

Leopard Gecko Hatch Video - Herpcam


Other Herpcams

Ritchie Reptiles Cam
Kingsnake.tv Cams
Bob Clark SnakeCam
Boa Cam
Cyclura Lizard Cams
BallPython.com BallCam
JungleII's Turtle-Cam



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